Civic Engagement is more than just voting. It means getting women registered and giving them tools to head into the voting booth with confidence. From info about ballot initiatives to the MWV voter guide outlining where candidates stand on the issues that impact women and families, MWV works to show how decisions by elected officials directly affect women’s lives.

After Election Day, MWV continues to provide issue education about the key policy discussions. From “What’s at stake with the state budget,” to “What health care reform means for women,” MWV breaks it down and creates opportunities for women, many of whom are directly affected by the policy decisions, to be policy advocates and have their voices and perspectives heard in the halls of power.

Leadership development is woven  throughout our work. We’re training volunteers to become volunteer leaders, supporting a single mom in writing her first letter to the editor, and providing scholarships to our annual Women’s Policy Leadership Institute (WPLI). By removing barriers, women who have historically not been engaged can learn and apply policy advocacy skills.