We know that immigration reform is a women’s issue, a family issue, and an issue of fairness. Comprehensive immigration reform  affects immigrants and their families here in Montana, as well as our larger community and the country. As an organization that advocates for women’s issues – including health care, reproductive rights, education, economic justice, and violence prevention – we strongly support comprehensive immigration reform protects the right of all women and keeps families together. For more information about immigration reform and our previous work on this issue, check out this commentary by MWV that aired on Montana Public Radio. 

We support opportunities that to help make the US immigration system more fair, transparent, secure, and efficient. Together, we can help fix a system that hasn’t worked properly for years, and our Congressional delegation needs to know Montanans support policies that support families.

  • We need a system that ensures children and their parents can stay together.   Separating families is wrong and fixing our system can make sure that women and children are treated fairly!  We need to make sure that families in our communities can stay united or be reunited if they’ve been separated.
  • Currently LGBT immigrants and their families are treated unfairly in a confusing system that does not recognize or protect them.  We need to make sure that all families have the same opportunities for protection and the ability to stay together.
  • We need policies that strengthen protections for all workers and restore fundamentally American legal principles like due process and basic civil rights for immigrant families in our communities.
  • Any kind of reform must promote clarity and transparency so families know what to expect during the process.

You can also find out more information about immigration reform from our allies at the Fair Immigration Reform Movement and Montana Immigrant Justice Alliance.

If you other questions about Montana Women Vote support of comprehensive immigration reform or want to get involved in this work, visit our volunteer page here!