The work of Montana Women Vote would not be possible without our amazing volunteers! Volunteers are the backbone of our engagement work. We always need help reaching out to Montanans about state and federal policies that impact women and families!

•  Outreach work – This looks different depending on the time of year, but it comprises the vast majority of what we need help with from volunteers. We are, after all, only 2.5 staff strong.  Voter registration, phone calls, election resource distribution, poll watching, hosting and helping plan rallies, testifying at the legislature, and bringing your friends and neighbors to events and volunteer days are all ways that you can help us reach every Montanan.

•  Office Help – Maybe you don’t love making phone calls, but you want to help. There are lots of ways to volunteer with MWV in the office, specifically with data entry, to helping to stuff and label envelopes. And if you have special skills like writing grants, doing web-design, etc, then that’s great!

•   Fundraising – Our work is supported through grassroots fundraising in each MWV community. We are always looking for help fundraising in your area, and this a great way to volunteer that we often don’t have a ton of capacity for.

•   Write a Letter to the Editor – Speak out on issues that are important to you! Montana Women Vote works to track state and local policies that affect women and families so that you can engage in the current policy debate. Want to work on a letter with us? Contact us!

•  Internship or practicum position – We have those! Use the contact form below for more information.

Have a question about volunteering? Contact Ella at (406) 317-1504, or by email at


Upcoming volunteer opportunities for Initiative 185, The Healthy Montana Campaign

  • 10/27 Canvass w/ Montana Human Rights Network, 10-1 or 11-2, 302 N Last Chance Gulch (2nd Floor), 
Great Falls – for any of the Great Falls events, contact
  • 10/23 Canvass  w/ Planned Parenthood, noon-3 or 4-7 pm
  • 10/24 Canvass  w/ Planned Parenthood, noon-3 or 4-7 pm
  • 10/24 Phone Bank w/ Planned Parenthood, 5:30-8:30 pm
  • 10/25 Canvass  w/ Planned Parenthood, noon-3 or 4-7 pm
  • 10/26 Canvass  w/ Planned Parenthood, noon-3 or 4-7 pm
  • 10/27 Canvass  w/ Planned Parenthood, 9-noon, noon-3 or 4-7 pm
  • 10/28 Canvass  w/ Planned Parenthood, 11-2 or 2:30-5:30
  • 10/28 Phone Bank w/ Planned Parenthood,  5:30-8:30 pm


If you can’t make any of these, let us know and we can help you knock some doors whenever you have time.