1) The state should mandate paid family and medical leave and paid sick days so workers don’t have to choose between taking care of themselves or their families and their job security.
  • Shannon O’Brien (D): Agree
    • Paid family and medical leave are basic human rights and essential for a strong economy: good people in good jobs. Additionally, if we want what’s best for our youngest children, it is essential that high quality childcare and education, including maternity and paternity leave (if they so choose) is the gold standard for the first few months of child development.
  • Niki Sardot (R): Agree
2) Do you support alternative approaches to our criminal justice system that decrease incarceration, including but not limited to investment in mental health care and drug treatment?
  • Shannon O’Brien (D): Yes
    • Our entire system needs change. Preventative measures focused on mental health and wellness will save lives and money down the road.
  • Niki Sardot (R): 
    • Only drug treatment.
3) Government should create and maintain a robust social safety net – including SNAP, TANF, housing assistance, and Medicaid, among others – so those most in need don’t fall through the cracks.
  • Shannon O’Brien (D): Agree
    • I’m a former history teacher. We judge the quality of a civilization on how they treat their most vulnerable: the youth, the elderly and the infirm. I often wonder, how will we be judged. We’re talking about a hand up, not a hand out.
  • Niki Sardot (R): Agree
4) Would you vote to continue Montana’s crucial Medicaid expansion, without barriers to access such as work requirements or increasing premiums?
  • Shannon O’Brien (D): Yes
    • High quality health care, for ALL Montanans is crucial.
  • Niki Sardot (R): No
    • Work requirements are a must.
5) Do you support or oppose tribal governments receiving the same property tax exemption as non-tribal government?
  • Shannon O’Brien (D): Support
    • We took their land away, we sent them to boarding schools and took other measures to strip them of their culture. We have work to do to compensate for the past. We must support our sovereign tribal governments however we can.
  • Niki Sardot (R): Oppose
6) Would you vote for any bills restricting a woman’s ability to make her own healthcare decisions in consultation with her doctor?
  • Shannon O’Brien (D): No
    • Government needs to stay out of a woman’s business.
  • Niki Sardot (R): No
7) Hanna’s Act (HB 21) and other MMIW policies need increased investment and statutory funding in order to have meaningful impacts.
  • Shannon O’Brien (D): Agree
    • The situation of missing/murdered indigenous women is shocking. Human trafficking and exploitation of our young people is horrendous. We have recently cut funding in this area and it needs to be addressed.
  • Niki Sardot (R): Agree
    • A full-time missing persons seasoned investigator must find the missing and provide all that is needed for capture and imprisonment of perpetrators.
8) Would you vote to add sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression as protected classes under the MT Human Rights Act (MHRA), ensuring that all Montanans have the same access to legal protections in their workplace, housing, and public accommodations?
  • Shannon O’Brien (D): Yes
    • Basic. Human. Dignity.
  • Niki Sardot (R): Yes
    • All people are equal.
9) In order to fully invest in communities and infrastructure, Montana should raise revenue by closing tax loopholes and ensuring that everyone is paying their fair share.
  • Shannon O’Brien (D): Agree
    • Our tax structure needs careful consideration right now. Property owners carry too much of the burden and cant’ afford to live in their homes.
  • Niki Sardot (R): Disagree
    • There are no loopholes.